TEG International Jazz Fest Featured Artist: The Clark Gibson Quintet!

The Clark Gibson Quintet is a star-studded original music jazz ensemble featuring original compositions and arrangements compositions by Gibson, the tremendous B3 organist Pat Bianchi, legendary trombonist Michael Dease, the fantastic tenor player Jim Pisano and OKC native drummer Jeremy Thomas.

The group has a history that is tied in the history of the Denver, CO jazz scene. Saxophonist Clark Gibson grew up as a native of Denver, CO, spending his formative years in clubs such as Dazzle, Sambuca’s, the Mount Vernon Country Club, Herb’s Hideaway, and ran a jam session for several years in downtown at the Blues Ice. His favorite jazz hang was at the El Chapultepec where he met organist Pat Bianchi. Active in booking gigs around town, Clark hired Pat Bianchi on multiple occasions forging a musical relationship that seeded the roots for what eventually has become the Clark Gibson Quintet.

In 2018, the Clark Gibson Quintet recorded their first album “Tri-Colored Eyes” which was released in August of 2019. Celebrated in numerous reviews from the US, Russia, Japan and Europe, the album is an hour long journey of original music with a unique instrumentation, three horns, organ and drums. The newest addition to the band, Michael Dease provides all the firepower necessary to match Bianchi’s exhilarating power behind the B3 organ. This band is sure to provide an exciting performance for all.

TEG’s International Jazz Fest Presented by SpiritBank! Takes place Saturday October 24th, 6:00-8:00 pm This incredible festival is free, will be virtual for the first time, and will be shown on our website www.internationaljazzfest.com as well as the Taylor Entertainment Group LLC’s Facebook Page on Facebook Live!

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